Rapeseed oil refinery equipment bearing the phenomenon of what causes it?

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Rapeseed oil refining equipment bearing parts are high-speed rotating parts, all types of refined oil equipment transmission part can not be less bearings, which also lead to rapeseed oil refining equipment work when the temperature is too high type of failure are generally related to the bearing.

Today, Zhengzhou Huatai machinery and equipment manufacturers to explain this issue, for the majority of rapeseed oil refining equipment to use customers to provide technical support. The following are the same as the "

1, rapeseed oil equipment, one of the reasons for bearing heating may be over-production, or heat problems, or rapeseed oil equipment, bearing parts between the friction between the heat. In general, the main reason is whether the bearing itself is appropriate. Some low-cost purchase of bearings, when there will be bearing heat, hot, so that the phenomenon of bearing burned and so on. So the first emphasis on the purchase of authentic (imported) bearings. The following are the same as the "

2, pay attention to adhere to the rapeseed oil refining equipment, the use of high-quality high-temperature lithium grease, lithium grease is also poor bearing heat another major reason. In addition to the details of your inspection, assuming that rapeseed refined oil equipment friction will be accompanied by noise, mechanical parts will have obvious wear and tear you say that the bearing is loose, it should be bearing problems, need to change the bearing. Proposed to purchase authentic imported bearings. The following are the same as the "

3, the spindle concentricity can be accurate, under normal circumstances people do not pay attention to concentricity, spindle concentricity tend to tend to constitute a large bearing heat.

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