Refined oil equipment of Henan Huatai machinery

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Oil machinery of food of peaceful of Henan city Henan China explains refined oil equipment to have what move

Grease fine craft, detailed content is as follows: 1, colour and lustre

Degree of fine of method of the depth of grease colour and lustre and oil plants quality, treatment, production and store the relationship such as change of quality of time length, oil is close. Below normal circumstance, grease colour and lustre basically is contain pigment of fat dissolve sex with the place in grease how many (include chlorophyll, phylloerythrin, lutein to wait) about, it is with treatment the evaporate in the process fries temperature, evaporate to fry temperature of Tuo Rong of time, vacuumize to reach time to concern next. Process of oil and fat further processing different, grease is in degree of undeserved, fine store up acid of fat of unboiled oil of undeserved, hair beats the requirement in the process, make organic matter degradation, chromogen oxidizes, these are influential to the colour and lustre of grease. Accordingly, of grease colour and lustre determine to provide scientific basis to machine craft and safety to store up.


1) decolour oily colour and lustre is refinery judges Bai Tu to whether be added reach the designated position reach one of important basises that judge Bai Tu percent of decolourization, refinery can adjust Bai Tutian in time to increase an amount according to the change of decolour oily colour and lustre.

2) deodorization oily colour and lustre: Refined oil colour and lustre is the outlook of the first feeling that the client sees, it is the main index that evaluates level of oil quality, treatment, also be one of quality index of calibrating of the requirement in GB.

2, acid value

Acid value is one of quality index of grease, its size is a when judge quality of crude oil and refined oil, salad oil main index not only, and also be the basis that oil refining loss of computational acid value compares economic norms of this main technique.

1) : of crude oil acid value? Bi of Dong of mother's brother of the  that defend leg plans? of planning Tuo  can make the peptization sex material such as fat of phosphatide, candy, protein and material of fat dissolve sex are in the solubility in oil increases, itself still is the activator of hydrolyze of grease, phosphatide, water also is followed in the solubility in oil the addition of FFA is contained in oil and increase, crude oil acid value is fine workshop the basis that in alkaline refine the computation in unit process of cargo bandling increases alkali number.

2) acid value of the crude oil that add acid is refinery judgement phosphoric acid adds a capacity correct referenced basis.

3) price of the oleic acid that take off black is refinery judgement fluid alkaline chroma and fluid are alkaline add a capacity correct referenced basis, when the oil that take off black FFA is what suit most to increase alkali number when 0.02%-0.03% , if exceed an amount alkaline overmuch, the lye of excessive can produce reaction with neuter oil, increase oily damage; If increase alkali number too little, criterion crude oil FFA is taken off except the effect bad, the influence tastes the processing of quality and follow-up craft to oil.

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