New technology of rice bran oily fine studies

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Rice bran is a kind of quantity big reproducible is cheap edible oily source is passed compress or the method such as Refining obtains rice bran crude oil. What rice bran oil embodies fatty acid sort reasonable and complete and contain a lot ofXi of E of Gu Weisu, vitamin, spiny dogfish to wait for natural and active nutrient. But rice bran crude oil contains prep above the rice bran resource that to make full use of I save obtains the impurity such as the phosphatide of general Vegetable Oil, free fatty acid, waxiness, pigment the article checks the oil of rice bran of high grade edible of content of Gao Guwei element the come unglued that fine of rice bran crude oil becomes oil of edible class rice bran. The article basically studies content and research result are as follows (research of technology of 1) come unglued is right the degum effect of law of amine of law of dewax of synchronous come unglued, citric acid law, double alcohol and oxalic acid law undertook the result demonstrates oxalic acid standard experimenting comparative most agree with the come unglued of rice bran oil. %(crude oil is heavy) crude oil of 4%(of the quantity that add water is heavy) temperature 40 ℃ / / Kg. (The mixture that 2) decolour craft studies to choose activated carbon and active Bai Tu regards rice bran as oily decolorant. Pass oily decolour of only factor and orthogonal experiment rice bran most (the article in all 53 pages) article catalog | Read full text >>

Paper of Master of college of agriculture of authoritative provenance Hunan 2011 Hunan agriculture college

Tall γ - Gu Weisu, β - the extraction of oil of cereal steriod mellow rice bran and fine technology research

Rice bran is the by-product that paddy produces into rice. Our country is production of world paddy rice big country occupies statistic annual the rice bran that process of our country rice produces has 1300 ~ 14 million tons. And the fat content in rice bran is 15% ~ 23% with because this rice bran is raw material of oil of a kind of important edible,adipose content comparatives in soja. And in the rice bran oil that serves as natural Vegetable Oil still contain besides containing a lot ofnot saturated fatty acid have richly enhance immune power, fall cholesterol, adjust hematic fat, prevent the function such as arteriosclerosis composition if Xi of E of mellow vitamin of Gu Weisu, steriod, spiny dogfish. The research of to how raising Gu Weisu, steriod mellow content in extracting a process domestic and internationally to rice bran oil at present is less; And rice bran suffers effect when paddy next making that the solution fat that the grease of naked leakage and itself place contain is enzymatic be contacted adequately and be made rice bran raw material extremely easy accordingly into fatty acid by hydrolysis the price of wool branny oleic acid that acid beats degenerative preparation to come out is very high; In addition alcohol of the in fine process Gu Weisu in the tradition, steriod meets rice bran crude oil to be taken away as black foot so rice bran oil is made take and a lot of technology difficulty also exist in fine process not easy preparation is Gao Guwei element, tall of steriod alcohol. This paper research is raw material dug with 46 rice bran of local Jing of paddy character dragon different. . . (The article in all 101 pages) article catalog | Read full text >>

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