The research of the problem of grease Refining dissolvent and new technology

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Live from the mankind place of craft of Refining of active edible grease chooses environment and life quality have sth in mind with already the dissolvent that alkyl is bases gets ceaselessly the doubt of people especially ill other people discharges air pollution of United States of bill of American clean air the code such as act is formal already will already alkyl is affirmatory be 189. Because this new-style edible oily Refining replaces the choice of solvent and Refining,the development of new technology and progress get the wide attention of oil group. About the expert at present main apt uses alcohol on the choice in Refining dissolvent kind be in as Refining dissolvent; the feasibility that craft respect regards the craft that replaces solvent as with different third alcohol is bigger. Below only with respect to this on one hand circumstance of newest progress of research and development does one brief overview. 1 grease overflows a dissolvent of personal alkyl discharge with craft of Refining of environmental protection dissolvent it is a kind of outstanding method that make oil. Use He Chongrong agent to undertake production is the real problem of long confused people all the time however however. The dissolvent that place of craft of edible grease Refining chooses should have following requirement normally (L) is big to the solubility of grease and have alternative (be opposite namely very low or the solubility that is not grease component is not deliquescent) (2) is approximately colorless without smelly (3) and grease do not have chemistry (4) is done not have. . . (The article in all 5 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " Chinese grain oil learns anthology of paper of annual meeting of the 3rd learning (below book) " Chinese business runs industry

The new trends that Vegetable Oilrefining dissolvent studies

The Refining dissolvent that uses generally currently in Vegetable Oilrefining industry is personal alkyl. Because personal alkyl is existing combustible explode easily, . The dissolvent that regards personal alkyl as substitute at present has 70 a variety of use what renewable resources produces to replace solvent among them special attention getting a person. The characteristic that should have the following sides as the dissolvent of Refiningvegetable Oil (L) should measure large supply to cheap;(3) can use general Refining oil or case of safeguard;(2) ask a price alters effect of grease of very small;(4)refining is good the oil quality of low Refining of the residual oil content in dregsing of rice is better it is easier that;(5) reclaims Refining. . . (The article in all 3 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " Chinese business runs industry " 2000 03 period Chinese grease

Blame hydrocarbon kind material is analysed as the security of dissolvent of edible Vegetable Oilrefining

Refining law chooses the dissolvent that accords with national relative standard to use grease and the sex of each other dissolve that choose solvent to carry the oil in solvent and oil plants contact and dissolve its extraction come out and take off the dissolvent in removing oil with strict craft. Made full use of than Refining law with milling process photograph case of high price of little oil yield of resid of oil plants resource is cheap also it is current a kind of scientific and advanced method that make oil. However active with the Refining dissolvent that personal alkyl is bases is not first-rate choice actually in light of the viewpoint from human safety and environmental protection. Especially act of American clean air is already official 1990 will personal alkyl labels 189 air to pollute one of harmful material to maintain human body to often expose the hydrocarbon such as Yu Zhengji alkyl kind because this people is right,system of the central nervous below vapour and motorial cell can be injured industry personal alkyl serves as edible Vegetable Oilrefining. Choice noxiousness is compared small, code manages personal alkyl more loose replace solvent to keep abreast of one of focuses that one pace dominates solvent loss to already became oil technology to innovate. As a result of dissident alkyl and it is easy that craft of Refining of close of personal alkyl property is changed the American oil company that so nowadays already had about 1/4 changes alkyl of dissident of in order to to undertake for solvent Refining is produced [1] compares blame hydrocarbon to it kind material serves as Refining dissolvent to having better development prospect. Article key introduction is not. . . (The article in all 4 pages) read full text >>

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