"Refining law " dip walks along edible oily nutrition

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Report from our correspondent (Chen Yanhua of Liang Jinjun of reporter Wang Lu's reporter) " Jin Hao tea-seed oil " the part approves carcinogenic substance benzene and Bi exceeds national level 6 times incident caused a society to pay close attention to generally. A few days ago, hunan Province disease accuses expert of central food safety to express, the edible oily market of our country the edible oil of 80% above is use " Refining law " make and become, major nutrition component already was destroyed, and in Refining process, the Refining dissolvent remain in edible oil is inevitable. Current, do not use to the edible oil of 20% only " compress " craft assures to solvent remain and additive are not contained in oil. $$   saves disease to accuse Hu Xiaogong of central director doctor to say, as a result of " Refining law " oil yield cost of tall, production is low, make major businessman first selection. And " milling process " it is to use pure physics to compress the craft that make oil, withheld oil plants all sorts of nutrition component, do not contain solvent remain, without any additive, but pressing oil expression defect is oil yield low, and sale price is high also. $$   Hu Xiaogong expresses, before buying edible oil, accomplish the edible oil that just can choose safe health at 5 o'clock. See the surface. Product quality is the Ying Chengqing of edible Vegetable Oil with high rate of good, fine, transparent, have the colour and lustre with this peculiar breed, do not contain any impurity, without precipitation and suspension content, viscosity is small. 2 look have without statified phenomenon. If have statified probable it is adulterate jumbly oil (sesame-seed oil is adulterate more. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

Sanitation of authoritative provenance masses signs up for hydromeallurgy

From cobalt of nickel of the Refining in complex nickel cobaltic stock craft studies

Cobalt has good physics, chemistry and property is production high temperature resistant, anti-corrosive the important raw material that reachs high strenth material is in aviation, spaceflight, electric equipment, make, the domain application such as chemistry and potter course of study is wide [1] . Cobaltic reserves is very low in nature and accompany unripe extraction craft with the element such as copper, nickel, iron more complex production cost is high [2] . Need every year to the addition of cobaltic demand to import a large number of cobalt as home concentrate and the stock that contain cobalt [3] . This kind of stock that contain cobalt basically originates classics of laterite nickel mine is reductive roast, ammoniac dip, the nickel cobaltic sulfide that vulcanization precipitation yields [4-5] . The method of cobaltic stock of nickel of eye pre-treatment vulcanization basically has way of biology oxidation Refining [law of Refining of roast of 6] , sulphation [law of vitriolic Refining of 7-8] , pressurization [9] and often press combustion acid Refining law [10-11] . Use pressurization vitriolic law Refining nickel cobaltic sulfide makes nickel, cobalt is changed into sulfate to enter solution technological process very easily simple nickel, cobalt reclaims rate tall specific power consumption is low. But this method invests and maintain cost daily taller. Compare cost of biology Refining law with conventional technology low, specific power consumption does oppose environment lowly, easily friend handles low grade fortunately field of mine of unmanageable nickel, cobaltic vulcanization is having vast industry to apply foreground [12] but rate of response of biology Refining craft slow, nickel. . . . (The article in all 4 pages) read full text >>

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