Edible oil produces a process to uncover secret

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A few days ago Jin Hao " door exceeding bid " the central point that the safe problem that incident invites edible is oily makes consumer pay close attention to. Milling process and bad of what of actor of Refining law what also become the argumentative topic inside the industry again. And is numerous edible oil faced in reality doesn't the manufacturing process with a lot of oily to edible consumer understand -- through what kind of to change from former expect grease? Let us understand edible oil to produce the important segment in the process together. Make the producer form that takes different kind to each the characteristic has consumer to discover at present oil of the edible on the market notes palpability to compress or dip is carried. Expert introduction is current edible is made oilily take craft to two is plant -- milling process and Refining law. Milling process is to use pure physics to compress the craft that make oil expects through choosing, bake fry, physics compresses to produce and be become and Refining law is after using solvent naphtha to immerse course of grease raw material adequately, undertake extracting. "Cannot say simply compress and Refining makes craft two kinds good milling process of which kinds of means and Refining law are edible oil differ according to raw material the technology with different choice. " oil content of earthnut of introduction of the personage inside course of study is in very high commonly the 50% or so milling process that at present so the peanut oil on home market uses for the most part relies on physical pressure to depart grease from inside oil plants directly namely come out. Oil plants did not pass other medium to be compared relatively pure. And the crop oil content such as soja is inferior and common have 20% only the left and right sides gives oil to rise. . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " consume a guideline " 2010 09 period Chinese local speciality

World edible oil produces recent situation

World edible oil produces recent situation to occupy " international grease " forecast, total output of oil of edible of 96 year world is 1995 / 94 million metric ton, with on year does not have a difference. However, drop according to anticipating soya-bean oil crop is apparent, because if the crop of China and United States is inferior,basically produce a country. And some oil, sunflower seed oil and the yield with fat cottonseed will increase, with making up for above. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " Chinese local speciality " 1996 06 period college of industry of Hua Na grain

Oil of edible of Weng Yuan county produces the government of small mill to superintend research

Edible oil is the dweller uses the most general dressing, it is us daily life is indispensable must taste, producing main effect to the health of human body. To edible oil, security is the mainest demand. But, in recent years, each district exposes to the sun again and again the safe issue that gives edible oil, from " ground channel is oily " incident arrives turn gene edible is oily, exceed bid to yellow aspergillus toxin again, test of all without exception is worn the psychology of Chinese common people bears ability, everybody is asking in succession, be which gave an issue after all? How can you just make sure edible oil is safe after all? Weng Yuan county is located in beautiful to involve city southern part, oil of the edible inside the county produced small mill to supply much edible oil for the dweller. The government is exceeding also to their superintendency take seriously, began the special punish of edible oil and the special sampling observation with oily edible early or late, but still fail to achieve expectant result however, the public is dissatisfactory also. Accordingly, how does research strengthen oil of my county edible to produce the superintendency of small mill, the quality that ensures edible oil is safe, have very strong real sense. The government that the article produces small mill with oil of edible of Weng Yuan county is superintended to study a target, discussed edible oil to produce the basis that small mill exists above all, the government that produces small mill from edible oil then superintends theory and theory of industrial and commercial government to undertake an analysis, form the academic basis that analyses research. Analyse government of Weng Yuan county to produce small mill to edible oil next superintend, from. . . (The article in all 52 pages) article catalog | Read full text >>

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