Oil press machine 2 decolour of grease fine equipment

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Oil press machine 2 decolour of grease fine equipment

Grease fine equipmentIn the as a result of active Bai Tu catalysis in decolour process, make the change of fatty acid of conjugate of a few blame in grease becomes conjugate fatty acid, conjugate fatty acid more oxidize easily, grease oxidation formed aldehyde, ketone, acerbity, mellow apperception to add up to content and adsorptive material grow in quantity to cause active Bai Tu adsorptive rate is reduced. Answer decolour craft is namely raise Bai Tu active, adopt different time 2 times to add Bai Tu, filter 1 times, raising the refining yield that the oldest rate raised grease while Bai Tu is active thereby.

The place on put together is narrated, the condition with changeless gross is imposed in Bai Tutian, the premise of decolour of apparent excel tradition plays decolour effect, 2 times Bai Tutian adds time to be 5min and 15min respectively, 2 times Bai Tutian adds a quantity to be respectively 1.0% and 1.0% when grease refining yield is as high as 86.5% , for oil company follow-up decolour craft is improved provided new clue, and craft of proof answer decolour can think enterprise of oil and fat further processing is managing cost, reduce waste.

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