Vegetable oil refining plant The choice of craft of fine of grease fine equipment

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Vegetable oil refining plant The choice of craft of fine of grease fine equipment

Grease fine equipmentPhysical fine succeeds finally crucial part, of degum having huge concern easily hard with the character stand or fall of crude oil. Even if same kind crude oil, quality is good, can choose simpler degum technology, and physical establish refine succeeds easily; tone is general, need to use a bit more sophisticated degum technology, Grease fine equipmentThe difficulty with physical successful fine increases; quality very poor, can use physical fine far from, chemical fine is his exclusive, also be best treatment method, anyhow, different crude oil, some can use physical fine, some criterion can chemically fine.

1. is before physical fine, want to cut the quality that knows crude oil truly, affirming is already the entrance oil that to hydrate crosses or the homebred oil that end to hydrate processes, be beforehand oil expression or soak oil, be saturation oil or not saturation oil, next, decide whether its have content temper with fire, or other machines means. After 2. uses physical fine technology, choose technology of first-rate come unglued according to the character character of crude oil even. 3.After degum technology is certain, even according to craft characteristic, crude oil character, choose correct come unglued complementary makings, and use certainly how many of makings. 4, finally, the oil refining loss of workshop section of business accounting come unglued reachs totle drilling cost, choice economic benefits is optimal producer proposal.Vegetable oil refining plant

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