Oil refinng machine How does the tea-seed oil of grease fine equipment eat hollow in the morning drink two spoon

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Oil refinng machine How does the tea-seed oil of grease fine equipment eat hollow in the morning drink two spoon

Introduction: Tea-seed oilHow to eat? A variety of functional sex part are contained in tea-seed oil, long-term edible, have obvious precaution cardiovascular sclerosis, fall blood pressure, fall the effect such as hematic fat, with the special effect that prevents cancer to fight cancer. So, how does tea-seed oil eat? Will tell everybody below, how does tea-seed oil eat.

How does tea-seed oil eat:

One, direct and drinkable can be in in the morningHollowDrink two spoon, can prevent cardiovascular disease for long, old people still can remove change the suffering of secret.

2, winter of extraction of high temperature of classics of tea-seed oil of cooking edible hill, low temperature is changed, saved beneficial to human body health active ingredient, good without foreign matter, mouthfeel, faint scent is transparent, suit decoct, fry, boil, blast, cold and dressed with sause, the beautiful that is cate cooking is tasted. The soup that boil adds spoonful camellia oil after boil of all kinds Shang Shi or be boiled, can make boiling water more clear delicious flavour. Steam can be in when steaming or spoonful camellia oil is added after evaporate is over, be like evaporateFish, evaporate egg, more faint scent. Roast be before roast food or roast oil of a camellia is wiped after be over, bright sweet crisp, still have faint scent of light hill tea-seed oil. Decoct blast tea-seed oil is able to bear or endure lukewarm not easy acid is defeated, suit decoct blast to use oil particularly, food of place decoct blast is not nigrescent, save time to grow.

3, gout magical function

Health care

Oil of long-term edible camellia can reduce cholesterol, fall hematic fat, fall blood pressure, hemal to heart head disease have auxiliary therapy effect. Can stomach of clear bowel embellish. The camellia glucoside in tea-seed oil has the effect that fight cancer. Because tea-seed oil is medium PLS value is great, consequently tea-seed oil isDiabeticThe patient's edible is oily.


Tea-seed oil can make injection and modulation all sorts of ointment, pill. Everyday early morning is hollow unripe feed spoonful camellia oil, solve easilyPregnant womanThe old age in mixingConstipation, everyday early morning can prevent with daub of hill tea-seed oil alleviate pregnant woman later periodThe skinDrawing, Sao itchs and weather-shack phenomenon, folk still is treated with camellia oil burn and ringworm of the body, chronicEczemaWait for dermatosis.


Camellia oil is had protect wet, moist, black to send beautiful Yan Gongneng, use at protecting to send, can preventHairRupture andTrichomadesis, bath hind brushs a body, enhance skin flexibility, can prevent and cure Sao of skin of old people winter is urticant

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